Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm completely clueless now.

I don't know what I want.

I don't know where should I go.

I don't know who to rely on.

I'm so scared. I feel so empty and useless.

Why can't I have more confidence.

I'm such a loser.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

All I Ever Wanted for 2010

Had been so long since the last update.

Had been very very busy with college, exams, till graduation and then internship.

But now i'm done with intern and well, here I am, free to blog whenever I want.

I'm currently spending more time with my fam, as most of my friends are busy working/interning.

BTW, FYI, I had my 2 months internship with Double Vision, a production house. And at least I get to experience how it's like to be at a shooting set. NOT very fun and dead tired job. Did a malay series name 'Kau & Aku' Season 2 which will be aired at Astro Ria. Those artist are,,,friendly, especially Tony Eusoff, he's like a brother to us (the interns). Thankgod I was exempted and get to leave early. Seriously, I could not cope the long working hours (15+ hours) and not enough of sleeps etc. But, it was really a good experience.

And oh well, shits happened again between me and him. Just ohmaigod then same whole shits happen like dejavu again and again. Out of sudden he's like having pms, and start treating me like he don't need me etc.

I don't know what's on his mind, but man I'm very clear this is not what I wanted.

Turning 20 soon. Will definitely not having any ideal birthday celebration as everyone is busy with their things and I'm not that important anyhoo. lol. just being sarcasm.

All I ever wanted is to be happy. Possibly everyday. I would want to spend all my time I have in my life with people I love, I care and I treasure most - my family and friends and make every moment special. This is all I wish for. Dear god, if you love me, please grant my wish for once. Thankew.

Ps : I gained weight ! for freaking 2kg... I blame production, for eating non-stop. Shall start on-dieting =/

xoxo, Kelly.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Second Chances

I love sunset.

It's so beautiful.

Took this pic on the way up to genting.

Something happened, and I almost lost him in my live.

Issues fixed, but deep inside, both of us know there's is a torn there and everything is not going to be the same anymore.

If this is my second chances, I'll appreciate it.

I'll be better for you, love.

and I'll love you with all I can.

Thanks for not giving up on me. Thanks for loving me.

That's all I needed.


xoxo, Kelly.

Welcome baby Tao.

16th May 2010

Went to KL Hilton hotel to meet up with cousin with her newborn baby Tao.

didn't really take much pic, coz something happened on that day make my mood go up side down.

What can I say ? KL Hilton is awesome. The room is crazily comfy.

Spend some time at the poolside. Dammn, so many xxxxx

xxxxx ? haha... ang mo lang lo...
(don’t have to go on right, you know what I’m talking about)

they can just sit near the pool and drink champange on the afternoon.

gahhhh.... and that day was crazily hot that I feel like going for a swim, too bad I didnt bring any cloths there. >.<>

Baby Tao. He's caucasion chinese + french + ? = super cute !
fyi he's 2 months old only. big eyes =)

SAY CHEESE ! =D my youngest sis trying to take my pic.

xoxo, Kelly.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Release Stress.

Last week Thursday (13th May) I finally went to clubs again after like what 8 months ??? fuuu ~

I know I know.

laugh all you want, as everyone knows I love to club but why did I stop so long hmmm ?

Coz I know he doesn't like me going to clubs. He said he'll be very worry if I go.

oh well, after so long, finally he allows me to go :D

Went to The Palace in Herritage Row with loveys Isabel, Sabrina and Nisha.

It’s not very happening thou around 11 when we arrive. But around 12.30 the crowds came in and it turns out more than I expected.

The place was ok, but kinda small and the dance floor is not so happening thou.

It’s more like a chilling place than a club to me..lol…

1st round.

me, isabel, sabrina and nisha (thanks for bringing us in :D )

my drunkard face =.=

they said i'm a silent drinker coz i keep drinking they dont even realize how much i drank lol.

xoxo, Kelly.

So Broke in May

Hey hey, i've been mia again lately.

anyhoo, this is a previous post on 7th-9th May.

On the 7th was dad's birthday. I didnt really celebrate for him coz he already celeb with my mum and his friends the other night.

Only bought him a perfume gift. and no doubt he loves it. =D coz it's been a while since he stop using perfumes.

I bought mum a perfume gifts too for this year Mother's Day. And it's so expensive but since I know she loves that brand, it's worth it right... =)

Mother's Day is on the 9th.

And on the 8th is our 9th Month anniversary. But as usual, we didnt get to celebrate together.

Thanks baby and my sisters for chipping in, if not I lagi broke 99 =.=
Mont Blanc - Individuel ( I like the smell and bottle )
See how slim it is.

Mummy's Presie - Lancome Magnifique

(comes in set with 5ml perfume, body lotion and lip gloss, but i took back n exchange the body lotion with mascara coz mum doen't use lotion)

It's expensive to spend on them since I havent even start to earn my own money. But sometimes, when all our efforts can just make them happy and feel loved, it's worth it. Really.

I love my parents.

What I have done for them is consider nothing.

I don't have to sacrifies anything for them.

But what they had done for me is everything I needed.

In fact, it's more than enough.

Thanks so much for loving me.

As for my baby, thanks for loving me for these past 9 month.

It's always ups and downs, but each of it makes our relationship grow stronger.


xoxo, Kelly.